Monday, February 13, 2006
Ohisashiburi hontouni!!!hahahahaaahaah..
Lately i've been busy with so many things,though it's my holiday time, but truthly i barely have no time to do anything for myself!!

A week ago, i went to Anyer with my friends,,almost 20 persons!!It was a BLAST!!! We really have a GREAT time there..Will never forget that MOMENT!!!

And for my B'day time..It was really FUN too~~ first me want to go out and have dinner somewhere, but finally i join with my friend who share the same b'day with me too..and we celebrate our B'day together in my friend's place and we hv dinner there!!!Tanoshikatta~~!!

Today, i'm going to Thailand!! term of my final test for guiding subject, me and my classmate are going to Thailand..this is the package that i've been working so hard that i thought i had lost ALL my energy that time!!hauhaahuahuhauhuahuahhaa...
I'm doing to the airport at 3 this afternoon and the flight is at 19.25 PM!!!I will be there for 8 days and i hope EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE AND GO THE WAY IT HAS TO BE!!!!
Kinchosimashita!!!!!!Wish me luck ne minna~~~Ittekimasuuuuuuu ^^

Go~Go~Go~ 11:23 a.m.

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